Virtual Reality Helps Students Experience Healthcare Scenarios – EdTech Magazine: Focus on K-12

The VR app also provided analytics. If students struggle with a procedure, faculty members are notified on a web-based dashboard. “Faculty can talk to students about how they can do better, and if needed, they can share their screen to show them something,” she says.

Today, students pursuing an associate degree can learn nearly 70 skills, including hand hygiene and inserting an IV. T…….

What Is the State of Data Science Today? – Columbia University

The book points out that the term “data science” only came to be used widely in 2010. What current use of data science could you not have imagined in 2010?

Wing: The most obvious answer is deep neural networks, an artificial intelligence approach to building a computer inspired by modeling the neural connections in the brain. Deep neural networks have a plethora of applications an…….

Want to reach more customers? Our new advertising option was made with you in mind! – The Southern Scoop – The Southern Scoop –

The Southern Scoop News is introducing a new advertising option for 2023! To meet requests for Facebook advertising options, we have created an advertising package that utilizes website advertising… on social media.

With pricing options to fit any budget, this new advertising spot will place your business ad both on the website and on Facebook through published articles, leveragi…….

Smartphones could soon help identify a range of health conditions – CBS Boston

BOSTON – One day you may be able to speak into your smartphone and have it determine whether you’re sick or not.

Our voices tend to change when we go through puberty and we’re older. But the National Institutes of Health has launched a project to examine how certain voice patterns could signal a range of health conditions.

To speak you use your lungs, voice box, mouth, and brai…….

Internet of things mobile connections will double by 2026 – Insider Intelligence

Beyond the chart: IoT enables everyday items, such as kitchen appliances and medical devices, to digitally collect and send data. 5G is a major factor in this surge, providing them faster broadband and better machine-to-machine interaction. As 5G expands to more regions, so will usage of IoT, which will also bring enhanced security in places such as hospitals and the home.

More like this:…….

Even alarm clocks are smart now, and this one is only $20 today – Digital Trends

As we wake up from the collective Mandela Effect naggingly telling us that Daylight Savings Time shifts were permanently voted out, it is only natural to start thinking of a better way. Well, now at Walmart you can get a very *smart* alarm clock for just $20 as part of Walmart Black Friday deals. The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is on sale for $30 off its standard $50 and is currently at the lo…….

Why Google Glass Failed, and What to Expect Next – ExtremeTech

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When Google Glass started shipping to early adopters in 2013, it spawned countless think pieces about how this was either the next step in human evolution or the downfall of society. As it turns out, it was neither. Google ended up abandoning the pricey hardware as a consumer-focused gadget, and we’ve seen …….