Switch from Windows to Mac – some real world problems – Mac Rumors

I’ve been a huge Apple fanboy since the first iPod came out, followed by my purchase of the 3g iPhone in 2008, and the retina MacBook Pro in 2012 as well as the 27″ iMac when they redesigned it in 2012. Unfortunately, my employers in the past have not been up to the trend, and required me to use a PC which I have always hated. I recently had the opportunity to exclusively use a Mac for work purpos…….

RoboSense schließt strategische Partnerschaft mit Horizon Robotics zur Beschleunigung der großtechnischen Umsetzung hochentwickelter Lösungen für autonomes Fahren – State-Journal.com

Signing Ceremony (from left to right): Chunchao Qiu, co-founder and executive president of RoboSense; Dr. Chunxin Qiu, founder and CEO of RoboSense; Yi Shi, vice president of marketing of RoboSense; Xingyu Li, vice president of ecological development and strategic planning of Horizon Robotics; Dr. Kai Yu, founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics; and Dr. Jian Xu,…….

Criterion Acquires Software Engineering Company SAGE Black; Promod Sharma, Steve Mast Quoted – GovCon Wire


Criterion Systems, a cybersecurity and information technology company, has acquired software engineering services provider SAGE Black Consulting and Contracting for an undisclosed amount.

The new SAGE Black subsidiary will be led by Criterion Chief Financial Officer Steve Mast as i…….

Agility Robotics’ Digit gets a warehouse gig – TechCrunch

A new video from Agility Robotics showcases an increasing familiar sight: advanced, autonomous robots performing boring warehouse tasks. It’s not the sort of video that tends to be hugely viral for a company, rather, it’s the sort of meat and potatoes proof of concept that companies like Boston Dynamics wedge between flashy videos of parkour and highly choreograp…….

8 Best Alarm Clocks to Get you Up in the Morning – Yahoo Lifestyle


The Exercise & Fitness Trends Everyone Will Be Talking About In 2022

It’s no surprise that as the coronavirus pandemic nestled its way into our lives, our fitness and workout routines adapted to the times. In-person workout classes began to stream online, at-home gyms grew in popularity and technology contin…….

4 Tips for Designing Engaging Out-of-Home Advertising in 2022 – Entrepreneur

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising allows brands to meet people where they are in the real world and drives them to take action. Although down in numbers last year since so many Americans spent unusually high amounts of time at home, OOH recovered swiftly in 2021. Recent figures from the Out of Home Advertising As…….