ZSWatch Is an Open Source Smartwatch Based on Zephyr RTOS – Hackster.io

Embedded software engineer Jakob Krantz created a smartwatch design as an open sourced hardware and software project called ZSWatch. The full name is Zephyr Smartwatch, which runs the Zephyr real-time operating system

ZSWatch Circular PCB (📷: jakkra, GitHub)

Inside ZSWatch’s 3D-printed case is a four-layer circular…….

Saucy style in London’s underground techno raves – The Face

Yis Kid is quick to add that the photos are less about youth style than they are underground culture – which just so happens to involve a lot of, er, youth style. ​“In contrast to mainstream youth culture and style, people in the underground scene dress in ways that deviate from and often run counter to current fashion trends.”

​’Kid’s got a point. It’s not e…….

Best of Android 13 features on Nokia smartphones – Nokiamob

Android 13 has been around long enough on some Nokia devices to make a list of things you might like and things you might not. The list is based on the personal preferences of Abdulla and myself, so you may not agree with us completely.

Abdulla has been using his X20 while I use the XR20 as a secondary device, and we pretty much like the same things. Abdulla also made a g…….

How Certifications Can Unlock your Career in Data Science – Analytics Insight

To build a career in data science, basic training is available through massively open online courses

Data science is a bouquet of big data, data analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and much more. With a paradigm change in technologies that has made driverless automobiles and voice-controlled chatbots a reality, Data science is becoming…….

Tamping down demand for spyware in Europe is an uphill battle – The Hill

Greek authorities closed out 2022 with a bang by raiding six surveillance-for-hire companies. A key target of the crackdown was Intellexa, an Israeli cyber intelligence firm operating in Greece through its subsidiary, Cytrox. Known for its Predator software — which collects mobile phone data after user interaction with a malicious link — Intellexa has become a major spyware exporter, whi…….