The next TicWatch Pro smartwatch borrows its design from the Google Pixel Watch – TechRadar

A leaked render for Mobvoi’s next TicWatch Pro series smartwatch teases a simpler design than its predecessor – and one that looks heavily inspired by the Google Pixel Watch.

We were really impressed with the TicWatch Pro 3; it’s currently one of the best Wear OS smartwatches on the market boasting a long (three-day) battery life and a slew of useful features at a fairly budget-fr…….

The Elusive GRAVEDGR Went Hard Techno for his Newest Mix – The Nocturnal Times

Not many things are know about the elusive figure called GRAVEDGR. Apart from the things he shared with us in this interview, there are still many mysteries surrounding this talented artist. With his insanely heavy and dark outfit he has graced many festivals and clubs these past couple of years. Now to kick off 2023 he just dropped his Hard Techno mixtape fittingly called Walki…….

Commentary: Why should we be surprised the elderly are playing video games? – CNA


Historically, the first ever computer game created solely for entertainment was created in 1958, called Tennis for Two.

That paved the way for others, but the early computer game most recognised in popular culture is Pong, created in 1972. It was around this time too that the first generation of home consoles started to appear.


Bitcoin’s 2023 rally gathers steam as cryptocurrency briefly tops $23,000 – CNBC

Bitcoin had a tough 2022. Now investors are looking toward 2023 with caution when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Thomas Trutschel | Photothek | Getty Images

Bitcoin continued its climb Monday as traders took news of another crypto bankruptcy in their stride and placed bets on a Federal Reserve “pivot” to cutting interest rates.

The price of the No. 1 token briefly topped $23,10…….

The drugs with the biggest TV advertising budgets typically have “low therapeutic value,” study says – Salon

You’ve probably seen this ad before: A suburban family about to head to do something recreational. Then, mom or dad suddenly clutches their abdomen. The color drains from the screen. A voice solemnly asks, “Do you experience [insert symptoms]? Talk to your doctor about [marketing word for magenta drug capsule]. Side effects include [half a medical dictionary].” Cut to a green meadow with color …….