The Best Smartphones of Winter 2023 – 33 Models Reviewed –

The Sony Xperia 5 IV is somewhat of an outlier among flagship smartphones and includes a headphone jack and a microSD card reader in its compact case. Additionally, it comes with great speakers. Unfortunately, the camera no longer supports variable zoom.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is another surprise and features one of the best camera setups of any And…….

The Best Smart Alarm Clocks of 2023 – How-To Geek


What to Look For in a Smart Alarm Clock in 2023

Ever since smartphones rocketed into the mainstream, alarm clocks have largely been considered a relic of the past. After all, why spend time worrying about a clunky, bedside gadget when you have a powerful clock in the palm of your hand? That notion is starting to change, however, as a new wave of pr…….

Linux Support For Sapphire Rapids’ User Interrupts Still Awaiting Mainline – Phoronix

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A ne…….

How can bias be detected in machine learning? – Techopedia

Many machine learning algorithms use provided by data scientists to learn the desired results. Whether it’s a supply chain anomaly, an image detection of a deer crossing the road or the correct response to a ChatGPT question, the dataset used to train the model is important to understand what biases it might have. (Also read: Fairness in Machine Learning: Eliminating Data Bias.)

If the m…….

Meta to Offer 50+ Live NBA Games in Virtual Reality on Meta Quest – TV Technology

 MENLO PARK, Calif.—Meta has announced that it is expanding its partnership with the NBA and WNBA to launch more than 50 live NBA games in virtual reality (VR) on Meta Quest, including five in immersive, 180-degree VR. Those five games will feature celebrity broadcasters Meta said. 

As part of expanded partnership, Meta also announced that users will be able to watch NBA, WNBA, G Lea…….

DeepMind’s AlphaCode Conquers Coding, Performing as Well as Humans – Singularity Hub

The secret to good programming might be to ignore everything we know about writing code. At least for AI.

It seems preposterous, but DeepMind’s new coding AI just trounced roughly 50 percent of human coders in a highly competitive programming competition. On the surface the tasks sound relatively simple: each coder is presented with a problem in everyday language, and the contestants n…….