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for my footer, please

please see

see the content shifted to the left

You closed the section container after the footer instead of before it. That means the footer is a flex-item and only as wide as its content. Put the footer element in the correct place.

i am trying


Watch Florida Man Catch Huge, 16ft Burmese Python With His Bare Hands – Newsweek

For many of us, the idea of a 16-foot Burmese python wrapping itself around our body in a remote nature reserve in the middle of the night is the stuff of nightmares. But for snake catcher Josh Turner of the Everglades Python Snatchers, it “doesn’t get much more fun than [that].”

“It’s always an adrenaline rush when you come across a python, especially a very large one like this one,” Tur…….

Apple Mac Mini (2023) review: Mac Studio junior – The Verge

<p class="duet–article–dangerously-set-cms-markup mb-20 font-fkroman text-22 -tracking-1 leading-150 dark:text-white selection:bg-franklin-20 dark:selection:bg-blurple [&_a:hover]:shadow-highlight-franklin [&_a]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&_a:hover]:shadow-highlight-franklin dark:[&_a]:shadow-underline-white first-letter:float-left first-letter:mr-18 first-letter:font-polysans-…….

The next TicWatch Pro smartwatch borrows its design from the Google Pixel Watch – TechRadar

A leaked render for Mobvoi’s next TicWatch Pro series smartwatch teases a simpler design than its predecessor – and one that looks heavily inspired by the Google Pixel Watch.

We were really impressed with the TicWatch Pro 3; it’s currently one of the best Wear OS smartwatches on the market boasting a long (three-day) battery life and a slew of useful features at a fairly budget-fr…….

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Argentina’s Ministry of Security has long recommended that the federal police engage in cyber patrolling. The Argentinian government doesn’t exercise excessive control over internet usage, but it might have access to your data. The Ministry of Security’s recommendations further elevate privacy concerns, but a VPN can help. If you’re on a budget, though, you might want a free Argentina V…….

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These are the best jailbreak tweaks and Cydia apps to install on your jailbroken iPhone. After spending hours testing out this collection of iOS 10 Cydia tweaks you can install these now and enjoy a better iPhone.

Most of these already work with iOS 10, iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.2, but it is a very good idea to check this compatibility list before you install any of the iOS 10 Cydia tweaks.</…….