The 10 best video games of 2022 – Digital Trends

This year’s game of the year conversation was over before it could even begin. That’s not because 2022 wasn’t an exceptional year filled with left-field surprises. It’s simply that players were already anticipating what the year’s two biggest games would be: God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring. Though those two games were indeed two of 2022’s most dominant AAA title…….

When It Comes To Edtech, How Much Influence Do Teachers Have? – EdSurge

Edtech is ubiquitous in classrooms today, especially considering that the COVID-19 pandemic did something that previously seemed impossible. It thrust virtually every school into the deep-end of edtech, starting with remote learning.

When it comes to products that teachers are using to buoy student success, the stakes are high. Congress is earmarking millions in relief to combat COVID-19…….

Students present advertising strategies to NASCAR communications director – Iowa State Daily

Students of Iowa State’s advertising campaigns class, ADVRT 434, spent the year developing advertising strategies for NASCAR, culminating in an end-of-the-year competition in the Student Innovation Center Launchpad.

Students were split into two advertising agencies, each developing a campaign and competing for the best product. Each group consisted of nine participants who took on diff…….

The Morning After: Nothing is in talks to bring its smartphones to the US – Engadget

While many phone fans in the US are intrigued with the Nothing Phone 1, with its transparent back and flashing glyph design, they couldn’t buy one. At least, not easily. It might be easier for its follow-up devices, though.


Nothing co-founder Carl Pei told CNBC the Nothing Phone 1 isn’t available in the US because the company wasn’t ready to deal with the complexities o…….

Internet of Things Security: How To Protect Your IoT Devices – BizTech Magazine

Threats to IoT Devices

IoT devices face a variety of threats. Firmware (software on all IoT devices that operates the hardware) may be exploited, and even if vulnerabilities are known, patches may not be available or applied.

Attackers also may break into a network using default usernames and passwords that customers have not changed — or cannot change. This vulnerability was …….

Silent Wearable Alarm Clocks – Trend Hunter

The SmarterWakeUp ‘SilentWakeUp’ wearable alarm clock is a simple yet highly effective device for consumers seeking out a more comfortable way to wake up in the morning.

The device works by being set up via the user’s smartphone before being attached onto the skin using a medical-grade adhesive patch. The alarm will gently awaken the user over the course of 10-minutes using a series of vibration…….