4 best silent alarm clocks for a gentle wake up in 2022 – Insider

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While most alarms use beeps or music to wake you up, others bathe you in light or vibrate to rouse you. Lots of people may opt for an alarm that doesn’t rely on sound to wake them up: Those who are deaf or hard of hearing, earplug wearers, or …….

New Google glasses will let you understand any language – and more – Doha News

The augmented reality (AR) glasses will show subtitles and translations in real-time.

During Google’s annual I/O developer conference, CEO Sundar Pichai teased an upcoming product: smart glasses. The glasses can translate spoken text and display it on the wearer’s screen in their own language.

Built-in microphones listen to nearby audio, which is then transcribed into text. Th…….

Hack cripples Miller County government computers – Texarkana Gazette

TEXARKANA, Ark. — A recently deployed computer virus has crippled Miller County government computer systems at the county courthouse.

The virus hit Miller and 54 other Arkansas counties mid-morning Nov. 7, County Judge Cathy Harrison said Friday. No sensitive information was exposed in the attack, but the resulting outage is impeding county business, particularly for taxpayers.


Amazon Looks to Sparrow to Carry its Robotics Ambitions – The Wall Street Journal

WESTBOROUGH, MASS. —  In a brightly lighted warehouse tucked along an industrial road about 45 minutes west of Boston, a yellow-plated, gooseneck-like mechanical arm stretched one recent morning and plucked a plastic jar holding a powdered drink mix out of a yellow box. The device rose up, spun around with a loud whirring sound and gently placed the jar a few feet away into a gray bin.


How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Future of eCommerce – Robotics and Automation News

Artificial intelligence is a technology that many people still liken to something from a futuristic movie from days gone by. While to the uninitiated, the words artificial intelligence may conjure up images of humanoid robots, the reality is that AI is already all around and widely adopted throughout society.

Almost everyone has some kind of contact with artificial intelligence on a dail…….

What Is Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming? – CGMagazine

A growing trend in the entertainment industry, virtual reality (VR) gaming is a computer-generated simulated environment with immersive three-dimensional audio. Gameplay involves moving around and interacting with various objects and landscapes in a digital environment. It’s also used to stimulate emotions like fear, surprise, and even happiness.

Virtual reality games are played using…….

Get top-rated coding instruction at Black Friday prices – Macworld

At its most basic level, programming is communication. Computers will do exactly what you tell them as long as you speak their language – but as professional coders already know, one language isn’t enough. The more platforms and languages you know, the more your resume stands out in the fast-growing tech sector. That’s why the 2023 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle is a fanta…….

Render HTML And CSS On An ESP32 – Hackaday

As the available computing power from affordable microcontrollers continues to increase, there is an inevitable blurring of the line between them and the lower tier of application processors capable of running Linux-based operating systems. For the most part a microcontroller busies itself with behind-the-scenes tasks, but as so many projects here have demonstrated, they can be pretty …….

5 Steps to Propel Python into the Next Decade – thenewstack.io

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